Update 19.04.2021:

here is Ann-Charlott & Team Frojtee with News, I take this in English (German Version will follow soon).

It's time to say THANK YOU for Part 1 in our tea journey! The Frojtee store in Berlin will now change clothes and become all in internet.

Tea is a fantastic world, and the people drinking and producing tea are wonderful. Many new friends have been made, and I hope to keep you all now when I take my next step.

New statistics and forecasts show 80 % of all teas in Germany will be ordered on the web. The Pandemic seems to be a never-ending tragedy. The phenomenon Retail Death also happens 2021 in front of our eyes – and I have therefore decided to be brave and adapt to this new shopping culture.

What is coming and happening:

1. Frojtee at Wühlischstraße 39 will be closed, but open for you if you book a personal shopping-meeting. Write, sms, email, call: [email protected] or 0173-8561819 (also WhatsApp).

2. Web Shop will be launched. A really nice one. I will add Click&Collect for Locals. Same Frojtee, same tea love, same curiosity, same sweet and helpful team.

3. You can support Frojtee by being happy and share our comeback when the web shop is up and running. All gift cards will be valid online and you can also book a "Termine" with me to pick up teas you would like to buy.

A Pricelist with all Products, is available as a PDF-File here (Link).

More information soon. Until then: Keep calm and brew some more tea.